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Christmas 2018 Ultreya 2:00PM December 9 at Epiphany Luthern Church, Toledo, OH

Women's Weekend 63 Cancelled

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A little over a week ago you were notified there would not be a Men's weekend. Due to only three women being signed up for the Women's weekend 63, the women's weekend has also been cancelled. For any of you who have been on a team that ended up with the weekend being cancelled, you know it is a very difficult time for everyone involved. At this time it is critical that we all come together to support the rectors, teams, participants and the community at large. We need to continue lifting each other in prayer. We need to place our trust in the Lord and continue to support each other.

God Loves You and So Do I
Kevin Kaye
Lay Director, Good News Via de Cristo

Men's Weekend 63 Cancelled

Unfortunately I have to inform you that Men's Weekend #63 has been cancelled. Please continue to pray for the rector, team, and the three participants. I'm certain the three men will make a weekend in the Lord's time. Even though we may feel frustration and disappointment over this loss, we can move forward and continue to support the women's weekend. At this time there are only three women signed up for the women's weekend, so we have some work and praying to do between now and the deadline for the women's weekend on Monday (October 8). Please continue to pray for the women's rector, team, and participants. Our Lord is in control and will let us know what his plan His time!

God Loves You and so do I,

Kevin Kaye Lay Director, Good News Via de Cristo

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